Premium roasting solutions connecting you to the origin.

From the heart of the world’s biggest coffee production region in Brazil, Atilla offers a reliable, versatile and consistent specialty coffee roasters.

Experience and Inovation

Atilla roasters have been manufactured since 1995. Tradition in manufacturing and continuous innovation process.

Quality and Excellence

Atilla roasters are manufactured with first line inputs and their high technology provides complete control over the towers.

Partnership and Commitment

When you buy an Atilla roaster you are guaranteed a future replacement of the equipment with excellent value for your used.

  • Benjamin Byrd head roaster at Due South Coffee

    Working with Atilla has been a wonderful experience the machine is intuitive, relevant and well designed, the team is very supportive! It’s a great machine that makes great coffee!

  • Mark Crawford from @Proverbialcup

    I was introduced to Atilla and Mateus by Felipe Croce of FAF who uses Atilla. Danilo Lodi, World Barista Judge, roasted on the Atilla 15kg and gave his approval. My son Max has been roasting on it for over a year- and won a Bronze in the U.S. Golden Bean competition!

  • Eystein Veflingstad, owner of Terceira Onda Consultoria em Café. @3aondacafeEystein Veflingstad, owner of Terceira Onda Consultoria em Café. @3aondacafe

    Most of my roasting is done during consultancies, training, and as private research. From this perspective, I really appreciate the robust construction and responsiveness of Atilla Roasters. A more responsive system places more responsibility on the operator, but also permits more ways of roasting your coffee. I like having options and believe that as professionals, we should have a solid knowledgebase, good operational skills, and always evaluate and streamline our roasts and processes. Atilla helps me do this with its power and fast response. Do not let your roaster hold you back!

  • Collors Customization

    Collor options for Plus line.

  • Flame

    Microflame technology, with fine adjustments and high heat power level

  • Maintenance

    Low maintenance cost, with first line products !

  • Air flow

    Digital adjustment of air flow and drum rotation, opening a lot of management control.